Expedition Idaho

Expedition Idaho

Set in the backdrop of North Idaho wilderness, “ExpId” is an ultimate test of an athlete’s skill, strength, perseverance and fitness as teams make their way over 500 miles of the most scenic, remote and wild terrain in the Lower 48, over 7 days of non-stop racing!

Teams must navigate by map and compass only as they travel by bike, kayak, on foot and using ropes, carrying their own gear and supplies.

Racing goes non-stop, and teams will race up to 22 hours a day for a week to reach the “never-to-be-forgotten” finish, which has been described as the “greatest finish in adventure racing,” by no less an authority than the AR World Champions… our spectacular finish allows every team to cross the finish line in the midst of a large music and brew festival to standing ovations, free beer, dancing and live music!

ExpId also features several other unique features, including luxury hotel accommodations for the teams pre and post race, hot food at the transition areas, amazing “swag” and awards, ground transportation and so much more.

In 2014, for the first time, we will also be offering the ExpId “Expedition,” which will allow a limited number of lucky teams the opportunity to race all of the amazing highlights of the course, but return each night to the “TA” where they will find tents, hot food, beverages, music and more waiting for them! Guided options are also available.

This is an event that you will remember for a lifetime, and that will create new horizons of what you can accomplish!


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